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30th December 2007

animeshowdown12:29am: Ultimate Anime Showdown

anime_showdown is celebrating it's one year anniversary with Pirate vs. Ninja v2.0. Come join us for the battle, and our first annual Anniversary Raffle. Full rules posted over at anime_showdown

30th November 2007

animeshowdown11:10am: Ultimate Anime Showdown

Come cast your vote at anime_showdown!
With a new battle every week, the carnage is just piling up.

15th July 2007

animeshowdown7:51pm: Ultimate Anime Showdown

Come cast your vote at anime_showdown!
With a new battle every week, the carnage is just piling up.

17th June 2007

jturner8210:37pm: Star Wars--Robot Chicken (Two VAs from Studio Ghibli Dubs Included in Cast)
Tonight I just had the pleasure(?) of viewing the parody of "Star Wars" Robot Chicken. For those of you who don't know, this is a show which involves stop-motion animation and jabs at pop culture. It's also mostly for "mature" audiences, since a majority of the content is, uhm, a little profane and/or extreme for the young.

But that out of the way, I should mention that while this 30-minute special seemed too skimpy, I still had a blast watching it. The parodies, which involve Jar Jar Binks being thrown out of a starship by Vader, Palpatine's monologue to Luke interrupted by construction workers, George Bush having a lightsaber duel with Abraham Lincoln (no really), and a groanworthy (or funny) "Empire" on Ice parody, where the characters sing goofy lyrics to the familiar themes of George Lucas.

Of course, the real reason why I was compelled to see it was because two actors are among the cast, both of whom I've seen perform in Studio Ghibli English versions--James Van Der Beek and yes, Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill. There're other cast members, too, including Ahmed Best, Breckin Meyer, Malcolm McDowell, and lots more... including a cameo by George Lucas. All do terrific jobs, although I had a hard time identifying which actor was which. (Meyer did mention that he did the voice of Boba Fett, though.)

Seriously, though, if you're a fan of "Star Wars" or any of these actors in particular, give this a spin, it's 30 minutes of silly fun.

9th June 2007

blackjackrocket11:19pm: So you've heard about the anime awards that Japan wants to give, right? Does anyone know if they have a dub catagory? If they don't, they should--like how the Oscars have "Best Foreign-Language Film", or maybe closer to how the Tonys have "Best Revival". And it would raise dubbing's respectability quite a bit, especially being given by the Japanese.

3rd June 2007

animeshowdown10:39pm: Ultimate Anime Showdown

Come cast your vote at anime_showdown.
With a new battle every week, the carnage is just piling up.

31st May 2007

jturner8212:11am: Two Ghibli Dub Actors To Voice Act in "Robot Chicken" on June 15th!
I know, this seems none Anime or dub related, but I found this news to be really cool:

On June 15th, an episode of "Robot Chicken" will premiere, parodying "Star Wars." Two actors that will be performing in this episode, interestingly, are participants from a Studio Ghibli production.

That's right, James Van Der Beek and Mark Hamill will be voice acting in this episode together. (Yep, Dawson and Luke Skywalker have teamed up again.) The former previously voiced Pazu in "Castle in the Sky", while the latter turned in a deliciously devious performance as Muska in the same film and portrayed the Mayor of Pejite in "Nausicaa."

The episode will be broadcast on Adult Swim on June 15th at 8 PM.

Keep an eye out for it!

22nd May 2007

jturner8212:27am: Today I wish to introduce a topic about what your picks are for dubs that you feel are most underrated. It can be dubs that were maligned perhaps a little too harshly or dubs that were unjustly ignored. That said, here are my choices for underrated dubs. Keep in mind that this is a purely subjective list, your choices might differ from mine.

Jungle Emperor Leo -- Despite receiving high acclaim from the few who have seen it, this dub hardly ever gets mentioned, nor does it gain the credit it deserves. It was produced by NYAV Post, directed by Michael Sinterniklaas. For a dub made in a reportedly short time, it is phenomenal. The performances, from Dan Green, Tara Jayne, Kerry Williams, Wayne Grayson, Maddie Blaustein, and Veronica Taylor (who, by the way, has a very heartbreaking death scene about two-thirds in) are all well done, but I single two particular performers out for praise--Mike Pollack as the kindly Dr. Moustache and Ed Paul as the greedy, slimy Ham Egg. This is a dub that deserves better recognition.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water -- At the time of its release (2001), this ADV-produced dub (at the now defunct Monster Island studios) was praised by few sites but was mostly maligned for whatever reason. More recent reviews of the dub, however, have been favorable, but even still, I believe that this English track deserved a better reception. The performances in the dub are lively, emotional, and believable. And the voices are well cast. Particularly noteworthy is that three actual children were chosen to play the young triumvirate of Nadia, Jean, and Marie -- Meg Bauman, Nathan Parsons, and Margaret Cassidy, respectively. All three do excellent jobs, although Parsons does struggle a little bit with the French accent (one of the few minor drawbacks). Equally impressive are the adults who voice the Grandis Gang, Electra, and Nemo. It's obvious that these folks cared about the quality of the show, and their efforts are apparent. Which isn't to say the dub is flawless; the accents, although justified, are a little inconsistent at times (an understandable mistake) and there are a group of episodes in the second half (23-34) which were horrible in Japanese and are not any better in English. Otherwise, this is one of my favorite dubs to listen to, and it's a shame that Monster Island is no longer with us. While some of their other dubs have been hit or miss (Samurai X was a letdown, although others I've heard were good), Nadia is the one I'll remember them forever for.

Castle in the Sky (Disney) -- In the eyes of fans who grew up with the original Japanese, this ambitious redub is a distortion of a masterpiece. Viewed from a certain perspective perhaps it is, but it's also a lot of fun. While not a flawless dub--the lead characters admittingly do sound more like teenagers than children (to be fair, however, they do credible jobs overall) and the ADR script, although mostly faithful (save for two debatable changes) has more chatter than necessary--the dub's positive aspects ultimately tip the scales in its favor and make it a treat. The supporting characters (the pirates, miners, army, old miner) are all excellently voiced, particularly Dola and Muska--both Cloris Leachman and Mark Hamill are perfect for these characters. If there's any reason to see this dub, its these two, both of who nail their characters to a T and beyond. The other selling point is Joe Hisaishi's gorgeous new score. While some fans argue that the extra musical cues are gratuitous (for originally silent scenes), the thing that matters is that this is still Hisaishi's work--he produced this new score under the approval and supervision of Miyazaki himself, and comparing the two scores, it's interesting to see how far he's come since the time he wrote the score. This dub certainly doesn't offend me as it does fans of the original Japanese; while it may probably play better to people who haven't seen LAPUTA in Japanese, it received more criticism than it deserved. Fortunately, there have been a share of recent favorable comments directed toward the dub. Although not the "undistorted, accurate" version purists wanted it to be, the Castle in the Sky dub still deserves a special place in the Disney-Ghibli English tracks. For its high energy and entertainment value, this is great stuff.

My Neighbor Totoro (Disney) -- Since the FOX dub of this cherished Miyazaki treasure was a classic of its time, it's no surprise that the new dub was going to be so scrutinized by many people. However, a majority of the attacks that this dub receives are undeserved. Rather than pedastalizing this dub to the preliminary one, I'd rather evaluate it for what it is on its own merits, not for what it isn't. The Disney version of Totoro is surprisingly more low-key, with a more polished translation (the script sounds smoother and some of the details missing from the original dub are included, adding a lot to the movie). Equally praiseworthy is the casting of two real-life sisters, Dakota and Elle Fanning, as Satsuki and Mei. Elle is especially cute, mainly because her character is juicy to begin with. Dakota has a tendency to sound more mature than her age, but it works in favor of her character, considering that Satsuki tries to act adult. There's little to find fault with the other performances--Tim Daly and Lea Salonga do very nice jobs as the girls' parents, Pat Carroll has fun as the Granny, while vocalmeister Frank Welker does great foley for Totoro and the Cat Bus, respectively. Probably the only weak point of the dub is the new opening theme, which, sounds a little too gung-ho. The FOX dub is undoubtedly a treasure, but Disney's new version shouldn't be dismissed; taken on its own, it has a lot of charm to offer.

Gokudo -- Produced by Headline Studios, the folks who did the dub of "His and Her Circumstances," this is a hilarious, zany dub for an equally funny little show. Often it gets overshadowed by shows such as "The Slayers", but "Gokudo" has entertainment value in its own right, and the dub matches deliciously well. Daniel Kevin Harrison was practically born to play the crude-mouthed, self-centered, obnoxious anti-hero of the show, and he does so with both energy and maniacal glee. Equally enjoyable are Angora Deb (an actress who earned my respect for roles such as Leaf in LODOSS TV, Nayuta in SHINGU, and many, many others), Chunky Mon, Liam O'Brian, Lisa Ortiz, Georgette Riley, and Rachael Lillis in a brief episode. Interesting note: the director of the dub is Bill Timoney, who also voices several characters in this dub. For those of you not familiar, he's the voice of Parn, the hero from LODOSS WAR. (I liked him more in the OVA, however.) His skills as an actor, ADR director and a script writer really shines in this dub. That this dub isn't better known is beyond me. Fans of comedy-fantasy-farce series owe it to themselves to check this one out.

If you have any underrated dubs to talk about, feel free to respond! I love to hear your opinions.

21st May 2007

_irr5:19pm: Sasha_Shla

Sasha_Shla :: the crazy brutal teen girl rock's the world!

Watch the clip :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xg9yW1K5_1U
jturner8212:48am: Ever since I started my days as an Anime fan, I vowed that I would be supporting dubs. Why? Because I'm one of those people who prefers to watch Anime in my own native language. This isn't to say that there are dubs which I have disliked, but I have been an avid supporter of dubs for quite a while now. It pleases me that there is a community dedicated to dub fandom. One other site I'd recommend is http://www.dubreview.com/. I've written some reviews for dubs there, and so have others.

That said, I'd like to share a list of some of my favorite dubs.

All the Disney-Ghibli Dubs--Say what you will about Disney, but I have to give them credit for putting together high-quality English tracks on all the Ghibli movies they've released. I won't recap about them right here, since I've already made a page dedicated to them on my first LJ entry (you can see it for yourself on http://jturner82.livejournal.com/697.html.

Akira -- Note that I'm referring to the current dub, not the previous one. The new dub has a cleaner translation and a better cast. More importantly, it makes sense.

Fullmetal Alchemist -- FuniMation earned my respect with their top-quality work on this one. Excellent performances from everyone involved.

His and Her Circumstances -- Veronica Taylor as Yukino Miyazawa is arguably one of my favorite roles from her. She does a beautiful job capturing the multi-faceted qualities of this character. Everyone else is great too.

Jungle Emperor Leo Movie -- A very underrated dub that deserves better recognition.

The Irresponsible Captain Tylor -- Zany fun, with the voice cast sounding like they're having a great time throughout.

The World of Narue -- I really love this one. Veronica Taylor does a delightful job as the lead character, and is supported by Rachel Lillis, Lisa Ortiz, and Jamie McGonnigal. It's Michele Knotz as Yagi who steals the show, however; her performance is absolutely superb and sounds entirely natural.

Gokudo -- Zany. Hilarious. Terrific.

Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water -- ADV Dub; I haven't seen Streamline's--this is quite an underrated dub BTW, although the accents falter at times, the performances and the writing are lively and believeable--casting actual children in the roles of the three young protagonists is also a plus.

Record of Lodoss War OVA -- The show that got me into Anime; although the dub has a few stiff and/or awkward moments, it works well for this fantasy adventure and remains one of my favorites to listen to even to this day; Lisa Ortiz is great as Deedlit, and with the exception of Etoh and a few minor characters, the rest of the cast is done fairly well.

All Three Slayers Seasons -- The first half of Season 1 is a little shaky, but it's all uphill from there. Lisa Ortiz's Lina Inverse is one of my favorite roles from her alongside Deedlit, and she is amply supported by Eric Stuart, Veronica Taylor, and Crispin Freeman.

Animation Runner Kuromi 1 & 2 -- Lisa Ortiz kicks butt as Kuromi in these two OVAs.

These are just a few examples of many other dubs I like.

Then there are some dubs which, although flawed, do have their share of saving graces. (Some might use one of the Disney-Ghibli dubs as an example, but I'd rather not, since I think they're excellent overall.)

Now and Then, Here and There -- The kids' voices don't sound like children, but by and large the dub works pretty well.

Final Fantasy OVA -- Very campy and over-the-top, but good for a laugh.

Neon Genesis Evangelion --Yeah I know, it's overemoted at times, but there are some good performnaces in here, particularly Alison Keith as Misato.

Record of Lodoss War TV Series -- Weaker than the Lodoss OVA dub, but it's not as unlistenable as I've heard many say. There are a few grating issues about this dub that do bug me, but most of the returning voices from the OVA as well as Crispin Freeman's Spark and Angora Deb's Leaf make up for them.

The Vision of Escaflowne TV Series -- Note: This is the dub existing on the DVD release I'm talking about, not the FOX edit. That said, there are some weak spots in this dub -- scripting issues notwithstanding, Dilandau's VA is pretty jarring at first and Hitomi, although good, sometimes doesn't emote as strongly as she should, but Allan, Van, Merle, Folken, Dornkirk, and the Mole Man are voiced well.

8th May 2007

animeshowdown8:09pm: The Ultimate Anime Showdown
anime_showdown is starting a new category this week. No longer are we in the "just human" category, now we're in the "somewhat human" category. And to start things off, this week's battles is:

Gally / Yoko / Alita (Battle Angel) vs. Major Motoko Kusanagi (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)

So come to anime_showdown, the definitive battle community between random anime characters where only you can decide the victor.

30th April 2007

animeshowdown10:47am: The Ultimate Anime Showdown
It's the epic battle of MAN vs WOM--er, woman?

This week at anime_showdown, we are featuring a battle between the stoic, kendo master Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka (Ouran High School Host Club) against the whip wielding, Nirvana Second Commander Buzam A. Calessa "BC" (Vandread). Don't let appearances fool you, because things aren't really always what they seem.

Come vote in the last battle of the human bracket; and don't forget to leave a comment or two about your opinions on the match up (especially you Ouran fans, since Mori is the more popular of the two--give us a reason why you think he would win!) Also, check out our Suggestion Box where you can leave us a couple of characters or pairings/groups that you'd like to see featured in their own future battles. No restrictions apply!

14th April 2007

sonva6:01am: Intro

I am a supporter of English dubs and voice actors. Most of the dubs out there are awesome, and I think dubs get alot of undue bashing because of a few bad dubs, and close-minded fans that never give dubs a chance. It is my hope that someday, people will stop automatically bashing dubs and writing them off as bad, and instead give each dub a chance to stand on it's own.

Some of my favorite actors are

Johnny Young-Bosch: Trigun, Bleach
Michele Knotz: Pokemon, World of Narue
Jimmy Zoppi: Pokemon, Slayers
Kyle Herbert: DBZ, Naruto

3rd April 2007

animeshowdown10:05am: The Ultimate Anime Showdown
This week the Ultimate Anime Showdown presents: AN ANIME SHOWDOWN SPECIAL EVENT EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Who will win in a battle of BAKER VS. BREAD; where one is a genius breadmaker, the other, bread! Both are heroes, but only one wears a cape!

Azuma Kazuma (Yakitate Japan) vs. Anpanman (Anpanman)*

I know--I'm just as confused as you are!
X-Posted in various anime communities.

*A link to YouTube is provided @ anime_showdown for those people who have no idea who Anpanman is.

12th March 2007

animeshowdown11:17am: Ultimate Anime Showdown
Through ten weeks, the Ultimate Anime Showdown has already gone through intense fighting, surprising upsets, and heartbreaking defeats; but the fun isn't over yet!

This week's battle is a "Battle of Future Past," with San (Mononoke Hime) fighting Chang Wufei (Gundam Wing).

Come visit anime_showdown, where only you can decide the victor!

X-Posted in various communities.
anime_showdownis a general anime community, dedicated to the inclusion of various series and characters throughout the anime fandoms. We do not condone, nor are we trying to spam any community. If any moderator(s) or community feels we are doing so, or if this post is simply not allowed, then if you'll let me know, I'll promptly remove the ad and withhold any similar posts in the future. We strive to include a large number of fandoms in participating in a fun, anime related community, not to annoy or pester. Thank you.

10th March 2007

hawaiiangurl8o81:53am: Aloha everyone : )
Aloha everyone,
As you know am kind of new to Community on LJ i came across this form one of my VA Friend whom i add not too long ago , and vola here i am :D

I am a huge fan of both Subtitled and English Dub , if someone ask me which is better * the dreaded Sub vs Dub question >.< * i will truthful tell them there are no good or bad side , Everyone has there own different taste of how they watch there anime .

I have been an fan of anime for amost my whole life growing up with 2 older brother which one of them got me into to anime back in 1990 . Till this very day i am still a fan , I enjoy many differen type of anime form Mecha to Shojou heck even hetnai *blushes * .

Here are my favorite anime either in Subtited or English Dub

Gundam Wing ** my very favorite even till this day
Onegai Teacher
Card Captor Sakura
Fruits Basket
Ah! My Goddness
GTO ( great teacher onizuka )
Wolf Rain
Card Capture Sakura
Ghost in the shell stand alone and movie
Vampire Hunter D
Inital D
Yu Yu haksho
Comarie High School
Fooly Cooly
Ranma 1/2
Marcross .... Many more .

My favorite VA well i would love to list them but i have a very VERY long list ... Lets just say i love these people form FUnimation , ADV Films , The Ocean goup, Bangzoom ....
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13th February 2007

melhiorus10:50pm: mecha
Hi everyone! I've just started to use this system and i was very glad to find this comunity here. Could you help me and to recomend mecha anime?

22nd March 2006

donkeykongsong9:21am: *pokes community*
Is this alive?

I am a newbie here. I was gonna make a community like this, but I see it's already been made. I'm so glad I found a place like this, b/c I am more of a dub guy, not a purist, but a dub guy. I prefer dubbed anime to its original version usually b/c it's irritating to watch Japanese voices especially when I know there's an English version or after watching the English version since that's usually how I found out about the anime. Americanized with American names is cool b/c I grew up watching American cartoons like Looney Tunes and Tom & Jerry, as well as dubs like Pokémon, Digimon: Digital Monsters, Sailor Moon, etc, and b/c I've lived in America all my life and have never been to Japan.

I will, however, watch subs of stuff that isn't dubbed like Full Moon wo Sagashite or Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, if a dub goes MIA for too long and I get impatient (like Tokyo Mew Mew, and I did with One Piece and Transformers Galaxy Force when they were MIA), or if an episode never aired in English (like the Safari Zone episode of Pokémon, several Sailor Moon episodes, etc.).


25th August 2005

roy_rules7:41pm: G4TechTV/Adult Swim
Starting on September 2, at 12 or 9pm, on G4TechTv, there will be Raxephon(sp?), Cromartie High School, and Colorful.

New episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist in october or september.

naruto in september on toonami.

samurai champloo and "gits" new episodes on Nov. 19

22nd July 2005

jeweledeyes9:06pm: Hello!
I've been thinking about joining here for awhile, but decided to bite the bullet today! It's great to see that there's a group of people who understand that the words "good dub" are not an oxymoron!

Here are my favorite anime dubs:

R.O.D. the TV
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

I also think Winx Club has an excellent dub, although that's not an anime...

In any case, I'm usually very open-minded about dubs, and there are only a few that I don't like. Being dubbed by the Ocean Group is usually a good prerequesite to be a dub I'll like.

Nice to meet you all!

22nd April 2005

otimus5:13am: Chat!
Click HERE for anime dub chat!

20th April 2005

otimus6:36am: Come join our anime and videogame aimchat!
Either 1) Click the following link if you have AIM open CLICK HERE TO GO!
Or 2) IM me at Crizacklin Tater on AIM and I shall invite you.
Come on and join in!

12th April 2005

fuyuyouji11:20pm: Pimpage
I know some of you are Vic Mignogna fans. I created a Yahoo group dedicated to this wonderful voice actor. It would be great if any of you could join. I know Vic would really appreciate it ^^

Click here to join vic_fans
Click to join vic_fans

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27th November 2004

piscesmaiden7:36pm: Last Exile on TechTV
They're going to show the last 13 episodes of Last Exile</a> on TechTV in December.

25th November 2004

satim5:49pm: The best of the russian animation! Many cool works.
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