Jon Turner (jturner82) wrote in anime_dubs,
Jon Turner

Two Ghibli Dub Actors To Voice Act in "Robot Chicken" on June 15th!

I know, this seems none Anime or dub related, but I found this news to be really cool:

On June 15th, an episode of "Robot Chicken" will premiere, parodying "Star Wars." Two actors that will be performing in this episode, interestingly, are participants from a Studio Ghibli production.

That's right, James Van Der Beek and Mark Hamill will be voice acting in this episode together. (Yep, Dawson and Luke Skywalker have teamed up again.) The former previously voiced Pazu in "Castle in the Sky", while the latter turned in a deliciously devious performance as Muska in the same film and portrayed the Mayor of Pejite in "Nausicaa."

The episode will be broadcast on Adult Swim on June 15th at 8 PM.

Keep an eye out for it!
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