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anime_dubs's Journal

English Dubs
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First off let me say, I don't always neccessarily prefer dubbed anime and let's not forget the great series like haunted junction and saber marrionettes J that are only available in subtitled versions. So therefore there will be no sub bashing.

Why have I made this community? Because dubs are bashed far too often. I myself prefer quite a few dubs over their subbed counterparts AS LONG AS the dub isnt edited in any other way! (like on cartoon network - because that just really ticks me off)

So anyways this is refugee for all dubbed anime lovers. all what? 3 of us? hehe just kidding... hopefully there will be a few of us out there! ^^*

Feel free to come in and discuss your fave anime and since this is the dubbed community, all voice actors and stuff talked about in here will be the english voice actors, ok? ok ^_^

There are really no rules except make sure your posts pertain to dubbed games or dubbed anime and be nice to others.

I know there will be mean evil people who come in just to bash our community... do not fight back. I will simply delete them, fighting back only encourages them to post more.
thank you and enjoy the community!